Symposium Programme

Friday 8 September (Symposium)
From 8.15AMRegistration
Early Twentieth Century
Chair: Deborah van der Plaat
Chair: Kathy Waghorn
8.30AMMilica Madjanovic, “Persisting Practices in Architectural Education: The Hamlins, Matlack Price and Beaux-Arts Influences in the US”This stream starts at 9.00AM.
Andrew Leach and Lee Stickells, “… thoroughly equipped in all respects …”Farzaneh Haghighi, “Dispelling the Chimera of Origins: A Foucauldian Analysis of the Heterotopic Sites of Architectural Knowledge”
Kirsty Volz, “Early Women Architecture Students at the University of Sydney: An Examination of Nell McCredie’s Student Portfolio, 1918-1923”Rebecca McLaughlan, “Recasting the Design Studio: A Space for Creative Abrasion, Integrative Thinking and Epistemic Fluency”
Ann McEwan, “Learning in London: The Architectural Association and New Zealand Architects”Renata Jadresin-Milic, “The Role of Architectural History in Education of Architects Today”
10.30AMMorning Tea
Mid-Twentieth Century
Chair: Andrew Leach
Studio Pedagogies
Chair: Jeremy Treadwell
11.00AMDeborah van der Plaat and John Macarthur, “A Quiet Revolution: Robert Percy Cummings’ Unpublished Talks, 1930-1970”Jaffer A. A. Khan, “Educating Architects in India”
Robin Skinner, “Past Interests, Future Directions: Architecture Dissertation Topics, 1931-1975”Kathy Waghorn, “The City as our School”
Philip Goad, “The Cradle of Modernity: Transforming Architectural Education at the University of Melbourne, 1947-1967”Sarosh Mulla and Andrew Barrie, “The Lab and the Live Projects”
Paola Boarin, “The Architect’s Role between Design and Technology: Mario Zaffagnini and the Establishment of the Architectural Technology School in Italy”Emilio Garcia, “Fragile Landscapes: Inequality in the Built Environment”
(Centenary book available for purchase, and for collection by those who have prepaid)
The 1970s and Beyond
Chair: Philip Goad
Urban Planning/Urban Design
Chair: Elizabeth Aitken Rose
2.00PMCeridwen Owen and Stuart King, “Legend and Legacy: Barry McNeill and a Decade of Radical Pedagogies in Tasmania”Robert Freestone, “Mud on his Boots: R. T. Kennedy and the Beginnings of Planning Education at the University of Auckland”
Lee Stickells and Andrew Leach, “Pig Education”Lee Beattie and Errol Haarhoff, “Bridging Places: Urban Design Education and Practices”
Kerry Francis, “Catalytic Conditions: Shelter as Generator”Elham Bahmanteymouri, “A Logic-based Investigation of Neoliberalised Planning Education”
Chris Orsman, “‘A Loose Fit’: An Architectural Education, 1975-1985”Mohsen Mohammadzadeh, “The Transformation of Planning in Late Capitalism”
From 5:30PMExhibition opening and book launch at the Gus Fisher Gallery, 74 Shortland Street
The Auckland School: 100 Years of Architecture and Planning
Saturday 9 September (Symposium continues)
8.30AMRegistration (for those who did not register on Friday)
On Auckland Academics and Alumni
Chair: Robin Skinner
Critical Practices
Chair: Andrew Barrie
9.00AMLinda Tyler, “Imric Porsolt: A Messenger of Modernism”Michael Jasper, “Experiments in Architecture Pedagogy: A Case Study from the Cooper Union School of Architecture, 1968-2008”
Margaret Mackenzie-Hooson, “The Civics Course: Educational Innovator Gerhard Rosenberg in Architecture and Town Planning”Aaron Paterson and Mike Davis, “Propagation of a Critical Legacy through Evolving Technology”
Peter Wood, “I Claudius: A Nostalgically-Charged Evaluation of Claude Megson’s Heyday in the 1970s”Stephanie Liddicoat, “The Role of Narrative and Fictocriticism in Teaching Design Practice”
Gill Matthewson, “Where Do you Go?: The Class of ’76”Dorita Hannah and Beth Weinstein, “Architectural Education, Event-Space and the Performance Paradigm”
11.00AMMorning Tea
To be followed by a series of Panel Discussions with University of Auckland Alumni

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